Hive Build

Living Systems Institute / Honeybee Keep Present:

Third Annual Honeybee Hive Build, 2014

January, 25, 2014 from 8AM to 5PM, backup bad weather date February 1, 2014.

Lunch will be provided, organic, local vegetarian and chicken.

14020 W. 32nd Ave
Golden, CO 80401

Come and work with other beekeepers to build your own hive. Meet kindred spirits, talk about bees, work hard, get fed lunch and take home your hive at the end of the day. Bring your camera. Plan to have fun and go home tired. You contribute $150 toward the work of Living Systems Institute to make Food Production Cells and you take home your own modified Langstroth hive.  Payment is required in advance to reserve your spot. Mail your check to the address above. Write your check to Living Systems Institute or LSI.

The 2014 Hive Build will be for a modified Langstroth design: All 8-frame mediums (4) and top entrance. Frames will be foundationless with wooden starter strip suggestion for building comb.  This hive design is based on Michael Bush's book, The Practical Beekeeper.

What you get:

  1. Top with built-in reducible entrance.
  2. Four 8-frame medium boxes with the 32 frames for inside.
  3. Bottom Board.

Above is a picture of the first Hive Build in 2012.  This is followed by pictures of the 2013 builds which were in January and February.

The last pictures below will give an idea of what we will build in 2014.  Pictured is an 8-frame Langstroth with some deeps and the upper entrance, but we will be building the modified Langsgtroth with 8-frame mediums and an upper entrance.

Why the upper entrance?  Answer:  better climate control inside the hive.  Why 8-frame?  Answer:  weight.  Why mediums?  Answer:  ability to enterchange frames at any time.

Pictures of our 2012 and 2013 hive builds can be found here.